Welcome to Tuddenham St Martin Parish Council website

Welcome to Tuddenham St Martin Parish Council website

The Parish Councillors for Tuddenham St Martin are:

Mr W Pipe (Chair), Mr H Brightwell (Vice Chair), Mr T Beckett, Mrs J Ellinor, Mr P Hodge,      Mrs J Kelm, Mr D Lugo and Ms P Procter.

We are a Council of eight elected members who serve for a four-year term. The current term ends in May 2019. If there is a vacancy or there are not enough candidates to fill all the seats, the Councillors can co-opt a suitable person to fill the post. The Parish Clerk, who works part time, is appointed by the parish councillors.

The duties of the Parish Council are shared between parish councillors. Ms Procter pays particular attention to Highway and Traffic matters and also represents the Parish Council at local police meetings. Mr Lugo & Mr Beckett manage playground and playing field maintenance. The Clerk is the Responsible Financial Officer.

As custodians of village interests, we liaise between the village and District and County councils. Our involvement covers - roads, footpaths, pavements, street lighting, traffic movements, speed restrictions and speeding, and planning issues amongst other things. We also have the opportunity to comment on some of the wider issues affecting our county.

We are funded by Suffolk Coastal District Council out of the council tax. We submit our funding requirements following our pre Christmas meeting. From our precept we have been able to fund various items in and around the village. We also provide financial support to organisations within the village and arrange maintenance of village grass areas.

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Tuddenham St Martin Parish Council Mission Statement

Maintaining the Life Style of the Residents of Tuddenham St Martin


As far as is realistically possible:

  • Maintain and enhance the attractive desirable and welcoming environment of the village 
  • To improve the quality of life for the residents through local projects, or by working together with other parishes, agencies or service providers 
  • To provide local amenities such as the Village Hall, play areas and open spaces, seats and bus shelters
  • To maintain effective communication with the people of Tuddenham St Martin 
  • To review and comment on planning applications 
  • To budget annually for the council tax precept 
  • To give good value for the money with which we are entrusted

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