Report a Local Problem

Your Parish Councillors are available to help residents with problems relating to the village BUT a prompt resolution is more likely if the problem is reported directly to the Responsible Authority by each resident who has witnessed the problem.  For example, if the the Parish Council are asked by 10 residents to report the same problem it will be logged just once by the Responsible Authority, but if 10 residents report the same problem then it will be logged 10 times.

To report a local problem, click on the "problem" to link directly to the web page of the Responsible Authority:

Problem   Responsible Authority
Non-Urgent Crime  e.g. anti-social behaviour or a non-injury road incident. Suffolk Constabulary
Dog Fouling Including lost, noisy & stray dogs should be reported to your local council. East Suffolk Council
Dog Waste Bin or Litter Bin e.g. if a bin needs emptying or if there is an issue with a bin. East Suffolk Council
Fly-Tipping & Littering Illegal dumping of waste should be reported to your local council. East Suffolk Council
Highway e.g. pothole, street light, flooding, hedges, pavements, parking, speeding. Suffolk Highways
Water Leak e.g. if you spot a leak under a pavement or road. Anglian Water
Abandoned Vehicle Check the criteria to help you decide if a vehicle may have been abandoned. East Suffolk Council
Public Rights of Way The location and a detailed description of the problem will be required. Suffolk County Council